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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Clarissa Torralva (Fresno, CA, US)
Definitely enjoyed the results

It was a ton of glitter, and considering it’s been 11 days and I haven’t heard anything, I believe it’s truly the anonymous revenge you’re looking for

Thank you so much for your 5-Star review! We truly appreciate it! Have a fantastic day and come back soon!

Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Kelsey Kelish (Suffolk, VA, US)
Best thing I ever bought

The person I bought it for absolutely loved it. 10/10 recommend

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Glitter Bomb Card
Lisa Taylor Visser (Trenton, GA, US)

Can’t comment, not sure if it was received

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Amber Kreitz (Houston, TX, US)

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

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Bag Of Dicks
Jon Gaudio (Saint Charles, IL, US)
Big ole gummy dicks

Great box of dicks, very realistic size. They tasted like dicks as well.

Hey Jon! Thanks for the review! We truly appreciate it... though we would say... we believe these gummies taste a bit better than the real thing. Though we understand this is debatable based on preference. 🙂

Dazzling Prank Spectacle

The dazzling prank spectacle made our day. Highly recommended!

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Gleaming Glitter Explosion

The gleaming glitter explosion was a sight to behold. Hilarious prank!

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Glitter-tastic Surprise

The glitter-tastic surprise had everyone laughing. Best prank ever!

Epic Glitter Shower

The prank led to an epic glitter shower. My friends loved it!

Endless Glitter Fun

We had endless fun with this glitter bomb prank. So entertaining!

Unforgettable Surprise

This prank left an unforgettable glittery surprise. It was epic!

Sparkling Fun!

The sparkling fun of this prank had us all in stitches. Highly recommended.

Endless Entertainment

Endless entertainment with this glitter bomb. We laughed for hours!

Unexpected Glitter Blast

The glitter bomb prank caught everyone off guard! It was a blast!


This card is beyond amazing! The glitter explosion was spectacular! Best prank ever!

Hours of Laughter

The Frustration Box delivered hours of laughter and entertainment. A hilarious experience!

Hilarious Prank

This prank had everyone in stitches! We couldn't stop laughing for minutes.

Laughs Guaranteed

This prank is a guarantee for laughs. Highly recommended!

So Much Fun!

This product is absolutely amazing! I laughed so hard while trying to open it.

Bag Of Boobs
William H.
A Barrel of Laughs!

This gummy candy prank brought us so much joy! We couldn't help but burst into laughter with each bite.

Awesome Surprise

I sent this card to my friend, and the glitter explosion was absolutely epic! It's the best prank ever!

Got My Friends Good

My friends fell for this prank

Glitter Bomb Card
Jackson P.
Unforgettable Fun

I can't stop laughing! The glitter bomb card made my day. Highly recommended!

Screamed Loudly

My cousin screamed so loudly when the spider popped out. Priceless reaction.

Bag Of Boobs
Olivia L.
Endless Comedy!

Pranking with these gummy candies was an absolute blast! We were in stitches all day.