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Based on 999 reviews
Bag Of Dicks
Zollie Reed (United States)
Finally checked this bucket list item off!

It wasn’t a glitter bomb for me oh no! A double bag of dicks with glitter dicks entitled “eat a bag of dicks!”. My friends knew right away it was me and caught it on video! It was anonymous and she thought it was her ex’s address and opened it like it had anthrax inside but nope! Just dicks!!!

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Lily (United States)
Worth Every Penny

Sent this to a friend and wow did it work. They had no clue it was me and went to text me about how some random person did this! It went EVERYWHERE in their living room and on them! So glad I tripled the glitter. If I wanna send another one, I’ll definitely get the jumbo sized one now that I know how well the regular size works. 10/10 recommend!

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Anonymous (United States)
Assume it was awesome

Might never find out but I’m happy thinking it went the way I wanted

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Glitter Bomb Card
Lindsay T. (United States)
Good Quality

I was hesitant to trust one of these websites but I do know for a fact that it was delivered and provided the exact response I wanted. I will definitely be back. Thanks!

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Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Josh C. (United States)
Triple The Glitter

I am glad I tripled the glitter! 10/10

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Spring Loaded Poop Bomb
Sara H. (United States)

I really needed to send one of these. Great choices.

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Steven F. (United States)

This idea is amazing. I wasn't there when it was delivered... but a brilliant concept! I know they loved my message.

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Dick Bomb Card
Keith V. (United States)
Dick Bomb Card

everything worked as planned. hehehe

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Bag Of Boobs
Tyler K. (United States)

I will be handing these to my Valentine... Ill let you know how it goes 🙂

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Spring Loaded Jizz Bomb
Becca R. (United States)

Oh by this made me happy. Got to see it explode 2 rooms away. Ill upload the video soon!

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Poop Bomb Card
Eric N. (United States)
The lil poopers are great

This was a funny card I sent my mom. She laughed and thought it was anonymous she 100% knows my humor and knew it was me. That's on me though...

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Glitter Bomb Letter
Chuck M. (United States)
A mess

Funny idea. It had a lot of glitter and was such a mess to clean up.

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Jizz Bomb Card
Xen S. (United States)
Thinking Of You Card

Everything went well.

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Bag Of Dicks
Lauren C. (United States)

Perfect. Great Experience

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Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Chris Billingham (United States)

Someone in my building has been stealing packages. I sent myself a dic$ bomb. They opened it!! There was confetti all over my building. In the lobby and hallways. It was perfect!

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Jennifer Waschow (United States)

Literally the best idea ever especially when they have no idea who did it

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Spring Loaded Poop Bomb
Qman (United States)
Great trick gift

This was for my mother in law which i love to hate and hate to love. She received it and boom in your face haha she expected it was me but i denied and the it was definitly anonymous which is awesome by shipyourenemiesglitter. Thanks

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Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Colin Thomas (United States)

Shipped fast and my brother in law still doesn't know who it came from

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
K.C. (United States)
It works !!!!

So I shipped this product to myself and added it to my friend’s Christmas gift. My best friend lives in a different state, but we still crack jokes time to time.

I sent him a backpack gift and added this inside. He knew i was going to prank him somehow, but didnt expect didnt glitter bomb.

He was saying how he got it over his face. I was hoping he’d open it during a christmas party or while having dinner though. But glad it still made a big mess to clean.

He says this was memorable christmas gift

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Todd Haupt (United States)
Glitter Bomb

I highly recommend this company. Everything they said was true. From purchasing the product to delivering it to the mailbox. They dotted their I's and crossed their T's! This prank was classic yet effective! I will be ordering again!

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Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Nicolas Schockett (United States)
Designed with veterans in mind

This is something a Marine must have come up with. Send them to your friends and don't tell them

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Spring Loaded Jizz Bomb
Kesiha Trunnel

Love this website

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Spring Loaded Dick Bomb
Emery Lee (United States)

Great gift for that guy who has everything and has an off-color sense of humor.

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb
Penny (United States)
Probably the hardest I have laughed in a while

He still doesn't know it was me!

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