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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We understand the importance of trust when making online purchases for playful pranks. Rest assured, we are completely legitimate! Our website provides detailed descriptions and photos of each prank, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll receive. Additionally, we prioritize your security, as our website is fully secure and encrypted, safeguarding your personal information.

Rest assured, your personal information or our company information is never placed on anything you send through the mail. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that any messages you include in your package are entirely personal and up to you!

All our customers receive a shipping confirmation email for their orders. With the exception of the glitter bomb letter, all other pranks will come with a tracking link, conveniently included in your shipping confirmation email. This allows you to easily track the progress of your shipment. If you have created an account before placing your order, you can also view the tracking number in Your Account. Even if you did not create an account, worry not, as you will still receive both confirmation and tracking emails sent directly to your email address.

We strive to process and ship pranks promptly, typically within 1-2 business days. You can expect the average prank to arrive within an estimated timeframe of 2-5 business days after it is shipped.

First, check the status of your order by logging into your account and visit the “Your Account” section. If your order is still processing, there might be a chance to modify it. For any shipping address changes, kindly reach out to us. Make sure to include your order number as well as the new Name and Full Address of the recipient you are sending your prank to. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with any necessary adjustments if it is possible!

Absolutely! At Ship Your Enemies Glitter, we encourage personal messages to be included with many of our pranks. However, we have a strict policy against the use of hate speech, harassment, threats, accusations, or any form of foul language in these messages. We strive to maintain a fun and light-hearted atmosphere while ensuring a respectful and positive experience for everyone involved. Let the pranks be filled with humor and mischief, but always with kindness!