Glitter Bomb Letter

Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Once you get it, it explodes, and you will never get rid of it.


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The Glitter Bomb Letter is a top-secret weapon of sheer glittery mayhem! Brace yourself for a mission that combines laughter, sparkle, and a touch of mischief, all in one mysterious envelope.

Step into the shoes of a glitter agent extraordinaire as you unleash a dazzling surprise upon your target. With a mischievous grin, you send them what appears to be an innocent letter, but little do they know what awaits inside. As they open it, their world transforms into a glittery wonderland, leaving them in awe and covered in shimmering confetti. It’s like stepping into a magical alternate dimension where fun reigns supreme!

So, if you’re ready to embark on a glittery adventure unlike any other, the Glitter Bomb Letter is your golden ticket. Embrace your inner glitter agent, spread laughter like confetti, and create memories that shimmer with joy. Order your classified glitter bomb letter today and let the sparkle-infused madness begin! 🎉✨💣

Prepare to unleash a storm of personalized mischief upon your friends and family members in the most whimsical and silly way imaginable.

When we say you can customize, we mean it! Choose your glitter color to make a statement! We’ve got shades to suit every personality, from blue glitter to our ‘Merica Blend (red, white, and blue glitter). The power to color their world with glitter is in your hands!

But wait, there’s more! We’re about to take customization to a whole new level of silliness. Add stickers to the inside and outside of your Glitter Bomb Letter for an extra dose of absurdity. And that’s not all, dear prankster. We give you the opportunity to write your own message, both on the inside and outside of the envelope. Express your inner wordsmith with witty puns, inside jokes, or heartfelt sarcasm. It’s your chance to leave them chuckling, snorting, or scratching their heads in confusion. The power of laughter is within your keyboard!

It’s time to make their world sparkle, one glitter bomb letter at a time. Order your customized glitter bomb letter today and get ready to be the architect of laughter! 🎉✨💣

Ah, the sacred journey of the PRANK! We take its safe travels very seriously because, let’s face it, a prank breaking in the mail is not the grand finale we’re aiming for. At Ship Your Enemies Glitter, we handle each prank with the delicacy of a feathered touch and the precision of an anonymous ninja!

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So, whether you’re pranking your best buddy or sending an anonymous surprise across the country, trust Ship Your Enemies Glitter to handle your masterpiece with utmost care. We’re here to ensure that your prank reaches its final destination intact.

Warning: Using our tracking feature may cause addictive behavior, constant refreshing of tracking pages, and an obsession with glittery espionage. Handle with glittery caution!

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