Are Glitter Bombs Legal?

Let’s Unwrap the Glittery Mystery!

Ah, glitter bombs – the sparkly mischief-makers that make the world a little brighter, one glittery explosion at a time! Now, you might have heard whispers about the legality of these twinkling wonders. Fear not, dear glitterati, for we’re here to peel back the sparkly curtain and reveal the glittery truth!

So, are glitter bombs legal? Glitter bombs are the basis of a booming prank industry and have been around for years. It is more about the intent than the product itself. Glitter itself is about as dangerous as a feather duster, and pranks, as long as they don’t involve harm or danger, usually fall within the bounds of the law. Our glitter bombs here at Ship Your Enemies Glitter are all about the harmless fun and surprise, not so much the trouble part. Ship Your Enemies Glitter never endorses sending any form of prank with malicious intent.

Now, let’s sprinkle some glitter on why Ship Your Enemies Glitter is your glitter-bombing guru!