Musical Prank Holidays Card GLITTER FILLED
Plays Jingle Bells, Non-Stop, For Hours, Until Destroyed. If ripped apart glitter will fly everywhere!

Musical Prank Holidays Card GLITTER FILLED

Our quirky rendition of Merry Christmas will have everyone gathered around the tree singing, followed by confusion and ultimately someone asking how to shut that thing off. Which will likely involve a hammer, or possibly pliers if you've got a tinkerer in the bunch.



  • Plays song until battery dies or you destroy it.
  • Lasts 3+ Hours!
  • Safe Mode - Gives the option to sign and activate the card yourself, before gifting.
  • Apperance of a typical card so the recipient will be completely confused.
  • Insides filled with glitter (If recipient tries to rip it they will be pranked again)